Super Smash Bros. 4: Game Jam’s Tier List (With Explanation)

Smash Bros. is out for WiiU and we are loving it. We’ve played it enough to put together our own tier list for the 49 characters. Obviously we will not include the Mii Fighters since they are all equipment based.

Please voice your disagreeing fanboy rage in the comments below.

SS Tier


  • Rosalina and Luma: Think Ice Climbers, but you can actually control Nana. The power and possibilities are incredible.
  • Yoshi: Oh god…the Eggs. So Many Eggs.
  • Zero Suit Samus: Super Fast with OP range…oh and she has multiple stuns….
  • Lucario: Amazing recovery and good god Aura Sphere.

S Tier

  • Greninja: Very quick, strong recovery, great counter, and tons of tricky moves.
  • Peach: Two words. “DAT ASS” (Side B)
  • Robin: The Levin Sword makes every smash attack hell for opponents as well as some awesome projectiles.
  • Sonic: Sanik Goo Fazt
  • Sheik: Don’t…Blink….Don’t.

A Tier


  • Marth: When has Marth NOT been good?
  • Lucina: (See “Marth”)
  • Fox: It’s Fox.
  • Bowser: Speed boost + Same massive attack power= Oh God No.
  • Diddy Kong: Quick with attacks that just seem to have a lot more Umph to them than other fighters.

B Tier


  • Cpt. Falcon: Much improved from the float-i-ness of Brawl, but still wishing he had his glory days of melee back.
  • Little Mac: On the ground = OP…In the Air = Useless
  • Shulk: He’s REALLY feeling it.
  • Dark Pit: He’s like Pit, but Dark.
  • Link: DASH SMASH

C Tier

  • Pit: He’s like Dark Pit, but shit.
  • Ness: Still iffy on this placement. Expect Ness to rise in the future.
  • Mario: Decent, but still has FLUDD.
  • Toon Link: He’s just Better Ok!?
  • Pikachu: Good, but still has the same move set since the very beginning so he’s Pika-Predictable.
  • Bowser Jr: Oh yeah…he’s in this game.

D Tier


  • Ganondorf: Too slow to be of use…but God tier when it comes to tanking Master Core…or home run derby.
  • Game and Watch: Powerful, but too much of G&W is based on chance.
  • Dr Mario: Who actually plays as Dr. Mario….
  • Villager: Little shit who has a ton of unique moves that just don’t have much impact or range.
  • Jigglypuff: Still too light to survive even with recent melee wins.
  • Palutena: A strong defensive character…in a game that only rewards strong skill and offense.
  • Pac Man: More like…Namco Cameo Man with generic moves.

E Tier

  • ROB: Just…ugh.
  • Kirby: Pink puffball is predictable, slow, and too light to survive.
  • King Dedede: He has his moments of being awesome…rarely…I think.
  • Meta Knight: Meta Nerfed.
  • Falco: This bird fell from grace…

F Tier


  • Mega Man:…64
  • Samus: Somehow more power and armor…is worst.
  • Ike: Besides his up-tilt….useless.
  • Zelda: Where’s your B-Down Now!?
  • Olimar:  Disappointment…
  • Luigi: It is not the year of Luigi anymore.
  • Wii-Fit Trainer: At least she has the Best Taunts in the game.
  • Wario: Fuck Wario.
  • Charizard: He’s like a larger more useless version of Pichu.
  • Donkey Kong:  No style, No grace…

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