NES Remix Review


With many of Nintendo’s popular franchises being based on nostalgia it is no surprise that Nintendo has grouped these 80’s classics into a bundle of mini-challenges. While it is great to see some sparks of greatness with Nintendo modding their own games, it is unfortunate that even nostalgia can’t keep NES Remix from being a horrible game.

NES Remix is simple enough. The player chooses a game and challenge from the main menu and has either a certain amount of time or lives to complete said challenge. For example one challenge has Mario trying to beat Koopas within a time limit as the screen zooms out or Link must kill Moblins without taking damage. When the challenge is finished the player gets scored by a three star system based on the completion time similar to Angry Birds. They also get points to unlock more stamps for Miiverse. The main issue is that the game is insulting in terms of challenge. The skill level required to complete some challenges are designed for toddlers, such as Link having to find the wooden sword on the first screen of Zelda. I understand that it is Nintendo’s way of introducing a newer generation to NES games…but the entire game feels like a tutorial for infants. What’s more insulting is that each game within NES Remix has an E-shop button, which shows the true intent of this game…BUY THE ORIGINALS. NES Remix isn’t a challenging trip of nostalgia for long time fans…it’s a cash grab for young children who have their parent’s credit card hooked up.

Seriously that's it... Take the Sword.

Seriously that’s it…
Take the Sword.

The game’s only sense of challenge is getting used the physics of each game. After that it’s a total cakewalk. Even the modded “Remix” levels are insultingly lazy with many challenges having a different color swap, or they mirror a Mario level. NES Remix is so lazy that they were better off just having a start button that links to the E-Shop page for each game. What’s worse is that any joy of finding secrets in say a Mario or Zelda challenge is gone when Nintendo Failed me for using the Warp Zone in World 1-2…WHAT THE HELL!? With every challenge’s score based on time it sometimes becomes confusing why you didn’t achieve all three stars. Especially when the challenge didn’t have a time element to begin with.

Modding=...Spotlight on Mario.

Modding=…Spotlight on Mario.

With amazing NES mods such as Super Mario Crossover available for free on the internet it is easy to pass on the $15 NES Remix. With it’s incredibly lazy design, E-Shop pressure, and lack of any challenge NES Remix is a failed experiment for nostalgic fans. You are better off just emulating these games on your laptop for free.

Final Score: 4.4/10